Mücken und Fliegen - Diptera

The Housefly


I’m just a little pesky thing,

Flying to eke out a living. 

So round and round and round I hiss,

And fill the air with busy bliss.

Of hand and swatter steering clear,

I venture to light on crumbs and beer.

In salad days I was a Grecian king.

War and famine make me sing.

How much they’d like to whack me flat,

With a newspaper or even a baseball bat.


- David B. Lentz -

Kohlschnacke - Langbeend Kohlmügg - Tipula oleracea - marsh crane fly

Hainschwebfliege - Stahfleeg - Episyrphus balteatus - marmelade hoverfly

Hainschwebfliege - Episyrphus balteatus - marmelade hoverfly - Sabine Rümenap - wildes Ostfriesland

Große Sumpfschwebfliege - Helophilus trivittatus

Große Sumpfschwebfliege - Helophilus trivittatus -Sabine Rümenap - wildes Ostfriesland

Garten-Schwebfliege - Stahfleeg - Syrphus ribesii - Hoverfly

Garten-Schwebfliege - Stahfleeg - Syrphus ribesii  Sabine Rümenap wildes Ostfriesland

Hummelwaldschwebfliege - Volucella bombylans

Hummelwaldschwebfliege - Volucella bombylans - Sabine Rümenap wildes Ostfriesland